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 Judge: Sydney Steadman


Thursday, August 15, 2024

9:00 AM       Light Horse - Jr. & Sr. Performance                         ENTRY FORM HERE

Friday, August 16, 2024

9:00 AM       Light Horse - Jr. & Sr. Gymkhanas                           ENTRY FORM HERE                                         

The Northwest Territorial Days Light Horse Committee & Battlefords Agricultural Society would like to thank all sponsors, exhibitors, assistants & spectators for taking part in the 2023 Light Horse Show & NWT Days without your continued support, this would not be possible. 

Thank you! have a safe journey  & we hope to see you in 2025!


This show will run by the same rules & regulations as in previous years, which will follow the rules & guidelines of the Heritage Circuit Handbook and C.E.F. rules.

  1. Stallions may only be shown in Senior Classes.  A neck rope must securely tie all stallions, in addition to the regular halter rope.
  2. Any act of discourtesy or disobedience to the officials or contestants on the part of owner, groom, rider, driver, parent of horse, will result in entry disqualification.
  3. No tie downs, martingales and mechanical hackamores to be used, except Gymkhanas.
  4. All foals to be tied or penned.
  5. No two people may use the same horse in same class division.
  6. All protests must be made before horses leave the ring.  Protest fee is first prize money in the class that the protest is being made.  Protests must be in writing.
  7. Riding of horses in front of barns is permitted at a walk only.  Riding in barns is prohibited.
  8. Proper dress code must be used at all times.  This includes cowboy boots, long sleeved shirts & hats.  Failure to abide by this rule could result in disqualification.
    1. a.      Helmet Rule Compliance – Effective April 1, 2009 all SHF sanctioned events must require every person under the age of 18 years to wear an approved safety helmet at ALL times in the competition arena, even in halter and showmanship.
  9. No refund on entry fees unless class is cancelled
  10. Competitors may only ride in their own age groups & Open Classes & Pee Wees may enter in the Junior C and Open Class but must pay appropriate fees.
  11. All other matters at the discretion of the committee.
  12. All contestants must sign waiver forms.
  13. Pre-registration is not required but very appreciative as we have now switched over to a computer system.  Show Office will be open 1 hour prior to show time or you may pre enter by sending your information to Battlefords Ag Society Office P.O Box 668 North Battleford, SK, S9A 2YA
  14. All horses must be in the barns prior to Show and not in the campgrounds or elsewhere tied to the trailers.
  15. Unloading and loading of horses and equipment to be done on South side of the barns from Wednesday, August 14, 2024 at 8:00a.m. to Friday, August 16, 2024 at 11:00 p.m. Livestock trailers to be parked south of the Agriplex.
  16. Northwest Territorial Days Light Horse Committee and The Battlefords Agricultural Society does not accept responsibility for loss, injury or damage to contestant, spectators, horses, or other property

*Rules subject to change


AGE GROUP (as of January 1, 2024):                                 ENTRY FEES

Pee Wee              8 yrs & under                                             Pee Wee - no fee

 Junior C                       9-11                                                    Juniors $5.00 per class

Junior B                     12 – 14 yrs                                            Seniors $5.00 per class

Junior A                    15 – 17 yrs                                              Stake $10.00 per class

 Seniors                       18 & over                                              Open $5.00 per class

                        Office Fee $10.00 per horse ONE TIME FEE                


Camping Fee                  $25.00 per day per unit (plus GST & PST)

Tack Stalls                      $20.00 per stall (plus GST) (if available)

*Barn Pass                      $5.00 (one pass only per exhibiting family.  These will also be sold at inside gate.  This is a service pass NOT A PARKING PASS.

*Advance Gate Admission Pass: $10.00 per day(MUST BE PURCHASED PRIOR TO JULY 29th, 2024)

*The advanced gate admission (only available until July 29, 2024) and the barn pass may be purchased prior to NWT Days by mailing cheque or money order to: The Battlefords Agricultural Society Box 668 North Battleford, SK S9A 2Y9*NEW* Membership Fee $45.00. This advance membership entitles the member free gate admission to the Exhibition all 3 days. Must be purchased prior to July 29, 2024.

ATTENTION:  PLEASE READ CAREFULLY***LIST OF NEW RULES, CLASSES, AND REGULATIONS***Mandatory use of ASTM Approved helmets with secure chinstraps for all Youth participants in Western Speed Division Classes

Mandatory use of ASTM approved helmets with secure chinstraps for all participants 17 YEARS AND UNDER!!

Age Categories:

             As of January 1:

                         Junior A: 15yr. to 17yr.

                         Junior B:  12yr. to 14yr.

                         Junior C:  11yr. and under

                         Adult:       18 yr. and over

 This decision had been made to increase the number of adult competitors and most importantly in cases where classes are divided JR and SR, that 18 and 19 years olds are not competing against 11 and 12 year olds.


 ****PRIZE MONEY****

Juniors:           1st - $20.00               2nd - $15.00     3rd - $10.00    4th - $5.00

Seniors:           1st – $20.00              2nd - $15.00     3rd - $10.00    4th - $5.00

Pee Wee:          $2.00 and a ribbon to everyone in class.


Sponsored byAustin's Saddlery, North Battleford, SK




Sponsored by: Battlefords Agricultural Society,      North Battleford, SK

105 + 109 + 110 + 114 + 118 +122+ 126+131+135


Thursday August 15, 2024

Performance – 9:00 a.m.


101          Halter

102           Junior A Showmanship

103          Junior B Showmanship

104           Junior C Showmanship

105           Senior Showmanship

106          Junior A English Pleasure

107          Junior B English Pleasure

108          Junior C English Pleasure

109          Senior English Pleasure

110          Open Show Hack

111          Junior A English Equitation

112          Junior B English Equitation

113          Junior C English Equitation

114          Senior English Equitation

115           Junior A Trail Class

116           Junior B Trail Class

117           Junior C Trail Class

118           Senior Trail Class

119          Junior A Western Pleasure

120          Junior B Western Pleasure

121          Junior C Western Pleasure

122          Senior Western Pleasure

123          Junior A Western Horsemanship

124          Junior B Western Horsemanship

125          Junior C Western Horsemanship

126          Senior Western Horsemanship

127          Saddle Pairs Open (Western or English 2 Entries)

128          Junior A Western Riding

129          Junior B Western Riding

130          Junior C western Riding

131          Senior Western Riding

132          Junior A Reining

133          Junior B Reining

134          Junior C Reining

135          Senior Reining

Friday August 16, 2024

Gymkhanas – 9:00 a.m.

(Please refer to Rule #12)


   399     Leadline 5 & under

   400     Pee Wee Western Pleasure           

   401     Pee Wee Sack Race

   402     Pee Wee Potato Race

   403     Pee Wee Pole Bending

   404      Pee Wee Barrel Race

   405      Pee Wee Musical Tires

   406      Junior A Musical Tires

   407      Junior B Musical Tires

   408      Junior C Musical Tires

   409      Senior Musical Tires

   410      Junior A Barrel Race

   411      Junior B Barrel Race

   412      Junior C Barrel Race

   413      Senior Barrel Race

   414      Senior Flag Race 

   415      Junior Flag Race

   416      Senior Ride and Run

   417      Junior Ride and Run

   418      Junior  A Pole Bending

   419      Junior B Pole Bending

   420      Junior C Pole Bending

   421      Senior Pole Bending           

   422      Junior A Quadrangle Race

   423      Junior B Quadrangle Race

   424      Junior C Quadrangle Race 

   425      Senior Quadrangle Race

   426      Senior Figure 8 Race

   427      Junior Figure 8 Race

   428      Senior Rope The Sack

   429       Junior Rope the Sack 

   430        Senior Keyhole 

   431       Junior Keyhole 

    432      Senior Weiner Race

    433      Junior Weirner Race


  2024 LIGHT HORSE sponsors

(As of April 19, 2024)