Children's Festival

Battlefords Agricultural Society

Children's Festival -

June 10, 2022

A Learning Celebration

Exhibition Park - North Battleford


A wide variety of entertainment is offered to inspire children and adults while allowing them to have fun learning. We have brought together familiar faces and new performers to present a festival packed with performing arts of all kinds. Performances by dancers, magicians, clowns and many more will offer a day of entertainment as well as education.
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Children's Festival
JUNE 10, 2022

JUNE 10, 2022




Amanda Syrada has been building her hoop dance career since 2009. she is an entertainer, flow arts instructor and now the author of a Childrens book. Amanda is a delightful comination of a spunky dancer and an enthusuastic professional.Run away in this interactive form of entertainmnet with the opportunity to learn hula hooping.


 Dan caught the performance bug in his early teen years when he discovered his singing voice. With hours of practice, he learned to do two things at the same time, play guitar and sing.  For the next few years he could often be found singing and playing for anyone who would listen. Once he decided to get other parts of his body in on the orchestration his destiny was sealed. He could gather a crowd nearly anyplace he went.Even though he has been fortunate enough to play music for a living and has performed literally thousands of shows and travelled to every habitable continent, he still gets the biggest thrill from the spontaneity and interaction with the audience. A yappy dog is always fodder for a duet of “Hound Dog” or a dancing child will always be encouraged to share their talents with the rest of the audience.



The Magic Bean is the perfect blend of education and entertainment.  With a theme of "from the farm, to the kitchen" kids will learn things that never crossed their minds.


      Come sing and dance while learning French with Isabelle Mercier. Isabelle will perform traditional French songs as well as a few originals.  You will learn how to play the spoons, meet The Ferns (her army of gophers) and make you dance and sing along! Teachers, we will max out your students’ energy and end on a nice lullaby. The childrens' participation is highly encouraged and we will be having little ones join me on stage for a few songs.

Extreme Dogs tours the nation promoting animal rescue and pet adoption.  These high flying, extreme sport, and wickedly talented athletic animals capture the hearts of hundreds of thousands coast to coast. 

Frank Kigozi 4X World Double-Tap Champ    Frank Started with his kids and 1 ball and 1 stick. After finding that very easy he grabbed two sticks and one ballthen I challenged himself to dribble two balls with two sticks. After training and practicing many more times I went from dribbling 4 balls a minute to 8, 15, 32 to 100.  During spring of 2021, he started practicing outdoors.

"I could be doing my thing, and naturally people wanted to try it out too. So I let them try it and I even showed them some of my techniques on how to do it proper with less effort. To me that was an added bonus, because it proved that, if I can do it, everyone else can do it too. Which means, I can have real people that I can work out with and challenge me at the same time.  I ended up teaching a few local youth that summer of 2021 that were interested."     Frank

We will also have....

Bouncy Houses...

Face Painting...

Pony Rides...

Wagon Rides...

Helium Balloons...
and so, so much more...
All entertainment is subject to additions or deletions 

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Please remember this event only takes place every other even year.

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